Churches and service groups become LGCO Partners by adopting a Memorandum of Understanding and taking action to name a member of their church or organization to be a Representative on the Looking Glass Community Outreach board.

Churches & Groups Currently Working On Becoming LGCO Partners

Church Partners

Perry & Shaftsburg United Methodist Churches
Pastor: Rev. Nancy Powers

Work:(517) 625-3444
Cell:(517) 375-7479

Laingsburg UMC Church
Pastor: Rev. Brian West

Work:(517) 651-5531
Cell:(586) 419-1178
Web:United Methodist Church

Morrice & Bancroft UMC Church
Pastor: Rev. Terry Euper
(Interim Pastor until June 31, 2017)

Work:(517) 625-2920

Pittsburg/Middlebury UMC Church
Pastor: Rev. Joyce Wallace

Cell:(810) 208-0648

Service Group Partners

Greater Perry Lions Club
Club Secretary: Lion Traci Tribley

Cell:(989) 277-7437

Bancroft Lioness Club
President: Tim Tribley
LGCO Representatives: Chrissy Andre and Traci Tribley

101 S Main St
Bancroft, mi 48414