Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding
Looking Glass Community Outreach (LGCO), Partner Congregations and Service Groups

The Role of LGCO:

◙ Serve as an Interfaith Outreach Mission arm of participating congregations and service groups in the LGCO Service Area.
◙ Assess the needs in the service area, organize, and oversee the projects that are created to meet those needs, utilizing input from participating congregations and service groups, Shiawassee County Health & Human Services Council, and other helping groups in the area.
◙ Provide information to Participating Congregations and Service Groups, through their LGCO Representative, regarding opportunities for volunteers to be in mission in the service area.
◙ Assist in recruitment and training of volunteers for LGCO.
◙ Assist in raising funds to help support LGCO outreach projects.

The Role of Participating Congregations and Service Groups:

◙ Take board action to approve this Memorandum of Understanding between your congregation or service group and LGCO.
◙ Inform your members that you are an LGCO Partner in helping to minister to the needs of struggling families in the LGCO service area.
The Participating Church Pastor or Service Group Leader will be an ex-officio member of the LGCO Board, with full voice but no vote..
◙ Name a Church Representative ((and if possible, an Alternate Representative) from your church or service group) to serve as member(s) of the LGCO Board, with full voice and vote.
◙ Work with LGCO to develop a Procedure for the LGCO Representative to get information from LGCO to the members of Partner Churches and Service Groups.
◙ Make annual confidential financial contribution(s) to LGCO, the amount to be determined solely by the Participating Church or Service Group.