Board Members

1) The value of a board:
A topic that we don’t often think about is how critical a Board is for any organized group. Boards are generally made up of individuals who share a common concern or interest, and this group makes decisions which guide the organization in its attempts to accomplish its goals and objectives. In many ways the Board is the life blood of the organization. The Looking Glass Community Outreach board members all have a desire to provide certain services (Volunteer Taxi, Reading Program, Ramps, Community Garden, Emergency Relief and others yet to be determined) that will help the local community.

Looking Glass Community Outreach (LGCO) is a good example of the critical role the Board plays in the life of a group. Several years ago Looking Glass Community Services (former name) lost its funding for a full time director. There was enough cash flow that we were able to keep an administrative assistant on the payroll as to interim director. But then that person moved to the Upper Peninsula, and from 2012 onward, we have had no paid staff. Most groups in this situation would have failed to exist at this point. However, about a half dozen folks who were serving on the Board continued to believe in what Looking Glass stood for, and continued to meet, on a voluntary basis, to struggle with how we could re-organize ourselves as a totally volunteer agency. It has taken several years, but due to the faithful dedication of the Board, we are close to completing this transition phase, and are stronger now than we have been since losing our funding for a paid staff.

That’s how important it is to have folks who are willing to sit on our board and offer their thoughts, ideas and support for LGCO as it seeks to serve those in need in our service area. We would love to have you consider becoming a Board member of LGCO.

2) The Function of a Board:
The function of the Board is to meet monthly, to plan for the financial health of the organization, to hear reports pertaining to the progress of our various projects, to be alert to other needs in our service area that we might be able to address, and to maintain the strength and goals of the organization.

3) The Requirements to be a Board Member (what we ask you to do):
The only requirements of being a Board Member are: a desire to be helpful to those in need, a willingness to attend board meetings which take place every other month beginning in January, and a desire to work with the other members of the board as it seeks to achieve its mission.

4) On becoming a board member (traits of a good board member):
LGCO has a clause in its By-Laws which states that, as an organization, we seek to build consensus on issues that come before the Board. This means that we seldom ‘debate’ issues, which generally means that one person or group seeks to defeat the arguments of those persons who hold a different point of view, which generally creates winners and losers. Whereas, seeking consensus seeks to find the value in different points of view which generally results in an outcome that is broader and more effective than the original points of view that were expressed at the outset. Therefore, we ask Board members to strive to maintain this spirit of cooperation and consensus as we work together to accomplish our goals.

Last Name First Name Address Email Phone
Draggoo Dave 9637 Jason Road, Laingsburg MI 48848 517-651-6846
Easlick Jeff 1212 Sweet Gum Drive, Brandon FL 33511 813-453-5052