Looking Glass Community Outreach is a community based, non-profit agency located in the southwest corner of Shiawassee County, Michigan. LGCO collaborates with individuals & families, groups, local churches and other agencies to enable & empower those in need to tear down any barriers that may cause them to feel alone and isolated from the community as a whole. Some ways we achieve this is by providing the following programs:

Volunteer Taxi Program to provide free or low cost rides to people in our service area that have transportation issues

Community garden program

Emergency Relief program that provides a modest amount of financial assistance to help prevent evictions due to back rent issues, utility shut-offs, and similar emergency issues.

Book Partner Mentor/Tutor program at the Perry Elementary School provides one on one mentoring for 2nd graders who are below the 2nd grade reading level at the beginning of the school year

Ramp program which helps to coordinate the purchase of materials and the recruiting of volunteers to build ramps for those on limited incomes who need them.

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